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Mosaic art is the oldest forms of art we offer with history dating it all the way back to the 3rd millenium BC, but we bring this gorgeous craft up to modern day times with fun pieces to choose from including clocks, animals, and plaques to decorate any room in your home!


They’re available on a walk-in basis (no class nor reservation needed), and you and your friends and family can create beautiful masterpieces you’ll treasure forever.  After a quick five minute lesson from one of our instructors, you’ll be on your way to creating your own mosaic.  Turnaround time for this piece depends on two things; how long it takes you to create it, and if you want us to grout it for you.  Grout is included in the price of the piece if you take it home to finish it yourself.  However, if you want one of our trained staff members to grout it for you, allow for at least a week of time to pass before your project is ready to take home and it will cost $5.  The grouting process can take several days.



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